Shattering Silence for Serious Mental Illness Wall

NSSC is breaking down the walls of tears, hopelessness, and shame - 
speaking out and inpiring change.



Individual Members:

Yolanda Alcantar
Holly Alston
Jane Anderson
Margie Annis
Dale Austin
Terry Barker
​Gwen Bartley
​Pastor Rochelle Beckemeyer
Tama Bell
Porsche Bellamy
Gloria Bertrand
​Martie Rhoden Bessler
Jeannette Bjorklund
Leonna Brandao
Sally Bricker
​Rev. Barbara Williams Brown
Peter Brown
Taylor Brown
Mary Burnell
Gina Burns
Evelyn Burton
Stacy Calvert
Diane Cardoni
Kathy Carlson
Graham D'Alessandro
​Jean D'Aquila
Tamara Dalrymple
Kathy Day
Ana De Jesus
Katherine Dering
Linda Deslauriers
Fawn Dessy
Kartar Diamond
Carmen Dilks   
Katharine Dougherty
​Wanda Duryea
Jane Duval
Justina Edwards
Patricia Egbert
Gretchen Egeland
Donna Erickson
Angela Evans
Pamela Field
Anne Francisco
Sheila Ganz
Elizabeth Garrison
Caroline Garza
Deborah Geesling
Cindy Glaeser
Jeanne Gore
MaryBeth Graber
Mindy Greiling
Sheri Grell
Beverly Griffin
Heather Grimshaw-Lee
Torrie Groh
Leah Gutter
Kerry Hall
John Hallowitz
Kari Hammond
Laura Harreld
Dianne Harris
Mary Louise Hawkins
Jeffery Hayden
Chrisa Hickey
​Gloria Hill
Susan Inman
Deborah Ishida
Justtine Jackson
Brenda Jensen
Ruth Johnston
Nancy J. Jones
Julie Joyce
B. Alexandra Kedrock
Amy Kerr
Nora King
Nina Koch
Shannon Lalley
Cathy Lovas
Lori Malone
Kerry Martin
Marilyn Martin
Connie Maternick
Linda Mayo
Jacqueline Mc Kinney
Carole McAfee
Mariposa McCall, MD
Antonia McDaniel
Sherri McGimsey
Lisa McKim
Ruth Medina
Courtney Michel
Dale Milfay
Alison Monroe
Mary Moran
Maureen Moran
Chalisse Morse
Khadeeja Morse
Mary Murphy
Tim Murphy, PhD, NSSC Advisor
Lynn Nanos
Rosa Nazar
Suzan Norton
Darlene Patrick
Robbie Payne
Katherine Pelaccio
Amy Peltekian
Gemma Pena
Ida Pena
Rebecca Petheram
Laura Pogliano
Ron Powers
Robert Powitzky
Teresa Price
Elsie Ramsey
​Kimberleymarie Ramsey
Dede Ranahan
Rebecca Reinig
Mary Ann Renz
Catherine Lauren Rettagliata
Karen Riches
Frank Robbins
Tina Rolfes
Theresa Romero
Jasmin Salcido
Debby Sapp
​William Seay
John Seltzer
Linda Setterberg
Taleese Sickels
Ingrid Silvian
Jolan Smith
Prissy Snelling
Marcie Sohara
J. Solstice
Jeanice Spence
Ellie Stabeck
Angela Stott
Desiree Straehla
Mary Ellen Stuart
Kristine Stout
Christi Tays
Tarak Trivedj
Mary Troy
Elizabeth Tuleja
Ken Turley
Laurie Turley
Sandra Turner
Cheri VanSant
Shirley Waldron
Jenifer Walsh
Lynne Warberg
Madeleine Ward
Ann Weber
Christi Weeks
Kimberlee West
Nadine Whalen
Cynthia Wolfe
Amanda Woodward
Karena Youtz
​Khaqan Zafar


Organization & Advocacy Project Members:

The thread that binds this coalition is members who have SMI/SED loved ones who are critically underserved in which we share a common goal of advocacy to change that dynamic. While we have that in common, we are a diverse group who may have different experiences and outcomes involving varying types of treatment (or lack thereof).

While we want to share their stories, blogs, websites, and books written, we only offer it as a means for others to have insight into their experience – not as a blanket NSSC endorsement.

We hope this sharing will bring you enlightenment, encouragement, and hope for change, and a desire to join us in advocating for change.

Justice and Serious Mental Illness​ (JASMI)

Parents For Care

Sooner Than Tomorrow

Bigger Than Depression

P82 Project Restoration

A Path of Enlightenment Healing Arts

Due Justice Project/StandUP

Advocates for Ethical Mental Health Treatment

Amazing Grace Advocacy

Healthy Mind Ministry

Pandora's Box Productions

Cure Illinois

Echo Christian Fellowship

US Citizens Bureau of Investigation

Brothers Documentary

Breakdown: A Clinician's Experience in a Broken System of Emergency Psychiatry

Families Living with Schizophrenia

New Vision Organization, Inc

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